The Ginger Man came to Austin in 1994 after successful pubs had been created in Houston and Dallas.  Our first location was on 4th Street between Guadalupe and Lavaca, next door to Waterloo Brewing Co.  We loved that large warehouse with high ceilings and the big backyard with tall trees.  We also loved our neighbors in the area: Ruta Maya, Gilligan’s seafood followed by Starlite, The Bitter End brewery, B-side and restaurant, Mezzaluna, Fado, the original Alamo Drafthouse and Las Manitas.  They’re all gone now.  Lavaca Bar lives on.

Due to changing commercial interests in the downtown area, that whole half of the block was destined to become the future Hotel Zaza.  We chose to stay in the area and moved to our current location just a fraction of a block away on Lavaca in early 2009.  We tried to keep the heart and soul of this not-really-old but not-really-new pub and feel we succeeded.

Time continues to march on, and downtown Austin has gotten filled with more and more high-rises and parking has become nearly impossible to find.  Sullivan’s Steakhouse, behind our current beer garden, has closed and that space will become yet another high-rise.  Right up to our back door.  So, we’re going to move once again, this time to the new Plaza Saltillo in East Austin.  The problem is that it won’t be ready for us until sometime early 2019, so we’re taking a sabbatical until then.  We’ll let you know as things progress.

Until the Eastside pub in central Austin is ready, you can visit our new pub in Bee Cave, at the Hill Country Galleria.  It’s not that far away— you can drive there in 20 minutes from downtown Austin and there’s plenty of free parking.