Das Boot

Das Boot! A Drinking Tradition

Das Boot

History of Das Boot

The beer boot traces its origins back to at least the early 1800s. The most common narrative revolving around its inception seems to start with a general in Germany foolishly promising his men that if they won a battle he would drink from his boot. A short time later he had one more victory to his name, and one very unpleasant drink to look forward to. As he pondered his fate, he realized there was a loophole in the bet! He quickly had a boot fastened from glass, and managed to save himself the unpleasant foot flavored experience.

Drinking beer from boots quickly became a military rite of passage, and their size gradually increased to up the ante. This tradition then spread across the globe and is a common drinking ritualĀ in The United States today.

How to drink Das Boot

Trying to tackle the Boot without doing your research almost always results in a dreaded beer shower (note: not a shower beer). The good news is you’ve come to the right place! As our friends in Beerfest taught us, the trick to tackling this beast is turning the glass as you reach the last bit of beer in the heel and toe of the boot. By turning the glass so the toe points either left or right rather than straight up, you are ensuring that the flow of beer isn’t interrupted by a sudden bubble of trapped air. It’s this bubble that causes all the problems. Avoid the bubble.

So as you gulp down that tasty boot shaped brew, make sure you’re paying attention to how much is left. This beer drinking classic is all about timing, precision, and having a genuine love for beer!

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