Holiday Beers

Holiday Beers: Celebrating All Year

Beer is not just for special occasions, yet an awful lot of people out there find themselves only enjoying beer a few times a year. As if any day other than the major holidays just isn’t worthy of a cold refreshing brew. That really grinds our gears! So The Ginger Man is proud to present some of the best times to drink throughout the year in our Holiday Beers: Reasons to Celebrate Year-Round Calendar!

  • New Years Day – January 1

Whether you’re just having some hair of the dog or genuinely enjoying a beer to start the new year, this is a day for celebration! And no one celebrates with water…

  • Beer Can Appreciation Day – January 24

Every year on January 24th we pay homage to the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company for offering the first beer in a can to the public! Whether you prefer your beer in a bottle or can, it is nice to have a choice. So celebrate by raising one up in a can for Gottfried Krueger Brewing!

  • Mardi Gras – February

Although Mardi Gras can sometimes fall in March, it lands in February a lot more often so start watching for it early. Mardi Gras actually means Fat Tuesday in French, and it finds its origins in Christianity. It is one last hurrah before the fasting season. Definitely a great chance to have some fun, and bulk up with a few beers!

  • Valentine’s Day – February

Whether your Valentine’s Day is going great or terribly, it is often seen as a pivotal drinking holiday. If love and heartache aren’t great excuses to drink, then what is?

  • St. Patrick’s Day – March

Not sure that this one needs an explanation, but just in case… St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. Now toast to that!

  • April Fool’s Day – April

A day full of playing tricks on your friends and loved ones should always culminate in sharing a few drinks and reflecting on the laughs.

  • Cinco De Mayo – May

As misunderstood as this holiday is, (it’s not Mexico’s Independence Day…), it’s still a great opportunity to join your friends for a drink at your favorite pub!

  • Who needs a reason?! – June

The weather has just hit that perfect summer beer temperature and you really don’t need an excuse. So cheers to summer and cheers to great beer!

  • Independence Day – July

Celebrating America’s independence & trying to stay cool in the mid-summer heat is a great reason to crack open a cold summer brew.

  • Oktoberfest – September

Despite the holiday’s name, this celebration coupled with beer in boots and steins is actually in September. Just in time to help with the transition to Fall.

  • Halloween – October

Costume parties, free candy, AND delicious transitional beers to prepare your palette for winter? Yes please!

  • Thanksgiving/Black Wednesday – November

The night before Thanksgiving is famous for being a night to go out with friends and family to catch up. And Thanksgiving is always full of great beer and wine to complement all of the amazing food.

  • Christmas – December

Not only is there Eggnog, but you can gift and be gifted great beer!

  • New Years Eve -December

That’s another year of drinking down, and the best way to celebrate is definitely with a toast. So get ready for the countdown, and we’ll see you next year!


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