Month of the Maibocks

Bock Sunset

Month of the Maibocks

It’s May and that means it’s officially the month of the Maibock (which literally translates to: May Bock)! This Bavarian golden lager is known for having a significant hoppy overtone, high alcohol percentage, and the perfect mix of flavors to help our taste buds transition from the cold winter months to the heat of summer. So put away your hoodies, crack open a cold Maibock, and step outside into the warm sun to read all about this unique brew.

The German Maibock style of beer originated in the southern state of Bavaria where the shift in weather from winter to summer can be quite dramatic. So with the beautiful Alps as a fitting backdrop, Bavaria’s brewers sought to create a beer that would help smooth the transition. They wanted to provide a bright and refreshing taste to quench thirst, while maintaining the satisfying high alcohol percentage of traditional bocks. They focused heavily on infusing a bitter-hoppy taste, leaving out the toasted chocolate malt notes, and maintaining a balanced malty sweetness while staying true to the long aging process of Bocks.

If you’re getting excited for summer’s arrival, the perfect way to welcome these warmer months is definitely with a Maibock. When you’re hungry at the bar, pair it with the oven roasted chicken and apple curry mayonnaise found on our Chicken Cranberry Sandwich. The Dogfish Head Pork Bratwurst with spicy mustard is another great choice if you’re looking for a unique spin on a classic. Or if you want something on the lighter side, pair it with our handmade potato chips. The jalapeno or the sea salt & cracked black pepper varieties are each a great compliment to a Maibock’s spice profile.

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