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Welcome to The Ginger Man Plano. This month try some of our featured beers:

Kasteel Cuvee – A beer highly regarded for its ability to develop over time, Donker is 11% ABV and very resilient. The high quality roasted malts take center stage after the inevitable departure of hoppy bitterness over time.. Notes of toffee, chicory, anise and burnt sugars marry perfectly with the port-wine-like qualities that developed during aging. A pitch-black color and a silky body make this beer a refined and luxurious drinking experience that luckily you don’t have to wait 10

Brooklyn Bel Air Sour– Brooklyn Bel Air Sour is full of surprises. This sour ale starts up with bright notes of tropical fruit yet finishes crisp and gently tart. It’s a trip that’s laid back, breezy, and completely refreshing.

Firestone Velvet Merlin: Velvet Merlin oatmeal stout has been transformed into a mindblowing mouthful known as Nitro Merlin Milk Stout.
The new ingredient is lactose, a.k.a. milk sugar. When Velvet Merlin is brewed with milk sugar to create Nitro Merlin Milk Stout, the effect is similar to adding cream to your dark roasted coffee. The wizardry comes via “nitro,” the brewing nickname for nitrogen gas.

More new beers:
Rahr Iron Thistle
Celis White


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